Business professionals operate in a multi-dimensional world. Every economic or business problem has different angels to look at and it needs to be analyzed from these different points of view to be able to take the correct business decisions.

The OLAP technology is the ideal technology to enable these multi-dimensional analyses.  OLAP provides a fast and comprehensive presentation of information from different angels and points of view, called dimensions in OLAP.
The correct implementation of OLAP gives an enormous added value to the information or as they say in the OLAP world: "It changes data into information".

This makes OLAP a required component of every reporting, BI (Business Intelligence) or BPM/CPM (Business/Corporate Performance management) project.

The acquisitions in the OLAP market such as the acquisition of Hyperion by Oracle and Business Objects by SAP gave a strong boost to the OLAP market. The big IT companies are now also fully playing the OLAP card.

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