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An OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) application is an application that provides fast answers to analytical queries that are multi-dimensional in nature. The multi-dimensionality one can find in every business query with dimensions such as accounts, indicators, time, versions, companies, products, customers, distribution channels etc.

OLAP applications will be found in business and management reporting for sales, marketing, budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting and other similar reporting requirements.

Business Intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) applications in most cases also have an OLAP component. In fact every BI or CPM application should have an OLAP component in order to be able to provide fast multi-dimensional analysis and reporting.

Successful OLAP implementations require specialized consultancy services. We have the required expertise and therefore we are your best choice to assist you in the implementation and optimization of your OLAP solution. Our services focus not only on technology but we also understand the business needs and we help to achieve your business goals.

PBCS Accreditation
OLAP House achieved their accreditations for PBCS (Planning Budgeting Cloud Services)
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