Knowledge is the foundation of all successful decisions.

Successful businesses continuously plan, analyze and report on sales and operational activities in order to maximize efficiency, reduce expenditures and gain greater market share.

All businesses collect data using many different systems, and the challenge remains: how to get all the data together to create accurate, reliable, fast information about the business. A company that can take advantage of reliable information and turn it into shared knowledge, accurately and quickly, will surely be better positioned to make successful business decisions and rise above the competition.

OLAP applications are developped to provide fast and interactive ad-hoc exploration, comparison and analysis of data, regardless of database size and complexity. It allows end users to manipulate and derive data for analysis purposes by applying analytical operations such as ratios, cumulative totals, trends and allocations across dimensions and across hierarchical levels.

How to leverage Power BI for Small Businesses
Power BI makes it easy for small businesses to use advanced analytics to address business challenges.
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