Business Intelligence for the Midsize Business

Constrained IT resources and low technology budgets are a reality for most midsize organizations. But that doesn't mean these firms are ready to compromise when it comes to gaining insight into business conditions or handling budgeting and forecasting. In fact, midsize firms need state-of-the-art analysis and planning capabilities if they are to outmaneuver larger rivals. Midsize firms also need comprehensive capabilities, but without the complication of elaborate, multi-product suites and intensive training demands.

Join Intelligent Enterprise Editor-in-Chief Doug Henschen as he shares insight on the latest trends in BI as well as in-depth research on priorities within midsize companies. You'll also hear from IBM about IBM Cognos Express and other BI and information management capabilities that are purpose built for needs and constraints of midsize enterprises.

You'll learn:

- How in-memory technology is speeding analysis while reducing IT-support demands.
- Why "what-if" planning capabilities have become so important.
- How goals and objectives are shifting within the business.
- The top barriers to spreading the use of BI.
- The top up-and-coming "BI 2.0" technologies now in demand.

Featured Speakers:
- Doug Henschen, Editor-in-Chief, Intelligent Enterprise
- Dan Potter, Product Marketing Executive, IBM.

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