Essbase & Planning Performance Optimization

In many companies Essbase and Planning applications are the result of a step by step implementation. The application has been modified each time the end-users formulated new requirements. As a result the operational application matches perfectly the end-user needs but performance wise it is not an optimal solution, leading to calculations that take too long for your reporting cycle or analysis needs.

We tune your Essbase and Planning application to improve the calculation time

Some examples in the Essbase / Planning BSO environment to illustrate:

An investment management application: We reduced the calculation time from an entire weekend (Friday 5 pm till Monday 10 am) to 1 hour.

A personal bonus calculation: More than 1 day became 10 minutes.

A budget and forecast application: The calculation time is reduced from 2 hours to 3 minutes.

An example where a migration to Essbase / Planning ASO solved the problem:

A Balance sheet - P&L application: By adding additional dimensions with data coming from Oracle HFM the calculation time exploded to several hours. The migration from BSO to ASO eliminated the calculation time. ASO cubes are not pre-calculated and provide information within 2 to 3 seconds.

In each of these cases the users and the company got a tremendous added value from the reductions. Before they could only perform a daily or weekly calculation, resulting in a lot of lost time. Today they have the possibility to perform multiple what-if analyses and have optimized results almost on the fly.

If your Essbase or Planning cubes are taking to long to calculate and you think you and your company can benefit from reduced calculation times, do not hesitate to contact OLAP House.

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