Concept & Design

What is an OLAP Cube? As you saw in the definition of OLAP, the key requirement is multidimensionality. OLAP achieves the multidimensional functionality by using a structure called a cube. However this is not a 3-dimensional cube, an OLAP cube can have much more dimensions.

Getting the cube right is the most important phase in the development of an OLAP application. If the cube is well designed all your requirements will be met. If the cube is not properly designed your application will become a nightmare to expand and to maintain.

In order to give you an immediate look and feel of the OLAP concept, we use intensively prototyping. It enables us to get a system up and running very quickly and it gives you the opportunity to feel and see the value the OLAP application delivers to you.

Building on this first success and your input, we proceed to fine tune your prototype to address your specific and mission-critical requirements. The final prototype is the first building block of your final application.

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