IBM Cognos TM1

IBM Cognos TM1 (before Applix TM1) is the world's fastest business intelligence analytical engine. It powers a suite of strategic planning, analysis, reporting and performance management solutions. By transforming Excel
spreadsheets and Web clients into powerhouses, TM1 helps executives and business analysts improve the performance of their businesses with a real-time planning approach.

We offer the following TM1 services:

TM1 implementations:
Based on your reporting and analysis requirements we will implement the TM1 cubes. Our expertise guarantees an optimal implementation using all of TM1's rich functionality including Turbo Integrator, TM1 Executive Viewer and TM1 Web.  We focus on user friendliness, ease of maintenance and performance.

TM1 optimizations:
As all OLAP applications TM1 applications grow in time. Sometimes this can result in long calculation times or in a spaghetti of cubes. With our expertise we can offer different ways to get the work done in time or to simplify the setup. We offer technical solutions or solutions based on a redesign of the application without losing the reporting investment which is behind.

PBCS Accreditation
OLAP House achieved their accreditations for PBCS (Planning Budgeting Cloud Services)
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