Implementation and Training

We offer the following services:

Based on your reporting and analysis requirements we will implement the OLAP cube or cubes, be it in a MOLAP, ROLAP or hybrid OLAP technology. Our expertise guarantees an optimal implementation using the full functionality of the software product. We focus on user friendliness, ease of use, minimal maintenance and maximal performance.

Performance optimizations:
Good BI applications grow in time. Sometimes this can result in long, too long, calculation and refresh times or a spaghetti setup. With our expertise we can offer different ways to get the work done in time or to simplify the setup. We offer technical solutions or solutions based on a redesign of the application without losing the reporting investment which is behind.

Training courses and information sessions:
Transfer of knowledge is key in our approach, therefore we always integrate training or information sessions as part of an implementation. The goal for you must be te be independent of us once you are using the OLAP application.

We offer these services in time and material or as a fixed-price project. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project and our time and material or fixed-price offering.

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