Vendor Selection

The main problem with vendor selection is that it looks easy. Just send out an RFP to a list of vendors, based on the answers filter it down to a limited list, ask them to build a prototype and then just choose the best performer. Unfortunately however, if you have come face to face with the reality you know that it's not that easy. The presentations and prototypes do not reflect the real day to day business needs.

OLAP is a technology that is part of a Business Intelligence (BI) or a Performance Management (BPM/CPM) system and BI or BPM/CPM is a strategic business initiative. Therefore, the business requirements need to be front and center in the selection procedure. The OLAP system will have to support many processes from budgeting, strategic planning, consolidation, and reporting to dashboards and operational analytics.

Which technology is best is really a secondary discussion. Before you look at OLAP vs. ROLAP vs. hybrid OLAP or the like, you need to determine more fundamental matters, such as whether or not this piece of software will handle the complex allocations required by finance for the annual budget process.

If you are going to purchase OLAP software, and spend money on services, shouldn't you make a small investment to make sure you consider the right vendors?

We will give an independent view of the market and help you to find the best solution for your specific needs.

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